Bank Aggregation

Make your app the central source of financial truth for your customers

Drive app engagement by enabling customers to link all their bank and mobile money accounts to your app. Make your app their favorite on their home screen.

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Extensive regional coverage

Mobile money and bank accounts available to be linked

Unlock access to depository, debt accounts and other financial data upon each customer's consent.


30+ connected institutions

Alvin's partner network is already strong and growing every day

2 countries (so far)

All Kenyan and Nigerian smartphone users are supported

Security and compliance are both top priorities

We're currently acquiring our SOC 2 certification for storing transaction data and abide by all local data protection laws

Seamless experience

You and your customers are in full control

Your bank retains ownership of all customer transaction data, and each individual customer has the flexibility to manage which accounts they want to link and unlink.

Make it easier for your customers to manage their finances by enabling them to do so from your app.

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