Data Enrichment

Having raw data is just the beginning

Data-driven personalization starts with having clean transaction data. Fine-tune your credit decision-making, personalize in-app financial guidance, set up rules-based savings features, and much more with Alvin's Data Enrichment API.






Categorization as a service

Make sense of your customers' day-to-day spending

Alvin uses machine learning to categorize customer transactions automatically so you and your customers can understand their spending patterns without relying on manual categorization.

Be able to distinguish between true Friends & Family transfers and regular daily expenses such as groceries and boda/okada rides

Get the benefit of Alvin's aggregated analysis of transactions across its entire partner network

Plug Data Enrichment into your stack à la carte or bundle it with other Alvin products based on your needs

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Clean merchant identification

Enriched merchant data for more usable analytics and much more

Default merchant names often don't naturally correspond to names the customer would readily recognize. Alvin's Data Enrichment API solves this so you and your customers can make better sense of transaction data.

Available to layer directly into your customer transactions API, or alternatively into any core banking platform

End users can customize merchant names according to their preference

All enriched transactions include a confidence score so you can feed this data into your internal algorithms

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