The new Alvin Dashboard

Centralized performance insights all in one beautiful interface

Enable technical and lay stakeholders within your bank to track progress across your Alvin products from your dedicated backend dashboard.

Uncover insights to make better internal decisions

Whichever are the KPIs you are looking to optimize, the Alvin Dashboard is designed to make progress-tracking clear, comprehensive and relevant to your core metrics.

Savings insights

Monitor savings progress with precision

View savings yield performance between actuals and projected figures. (Requires Savestack integration.)

Enriched data oversight

Customer spending insights in one view

Spending insights per client and at the all client level. (Requires Bank Aggregation or Data Enrichment).

Put the power of Alvin to work for your retail bank today.

Increase your savings AUM, glean retail spending insights and retain more transaction volume using Alvin's easy-to-integrate system.

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