Increase your retail banking savings AUM with Savestack

Savestack enables your customers to automate deposits to their savings / investment accounts with you when they spend at local restaurants, grocery stores and more.

More capital for lending

Higher savings yield means more money your bank can lend

Personalize saving

Automate saving when your customers can afford to

Increase engagement

Boost app usage by making saving social and dynamic

Using data to increase your monthly savings yield

Savestack uses automated transaction categorization to enable your customers to top up daily transactions to contribute funds more regularly to their savings.

Dynamic Goal Based Savings

Let your clients save how they prefer

API-only or with UI options available

Install Rules Based Savings into your app via API or with our white-label UI to skip designing it from scratch

Automated ledger management built in

Alvin's system is designed to instantly enable your customers to manage multiple savings wallets at once

Automate microtransfers

Seamless domestic transfer management

The easiest way to help your customers make savings contributions from their Current accounts to Savings

Built on Alvin AI

Artificial intelligence powered saving

Savings rules options are all built on Alvin's Data Enrichment engine for recognizing Nigerian and Kenyan merchants

Start seeing an increase in your savings margin in 1 month

Savetack is designed to fit seamlessly into popular core banking infrastructures used by African banks. Total integration time = 1 month.

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